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Sharkoon Gaming Mice 3-way review

Instead of Teflon pads, Sharkoon this time went with five ceramic feet, with three spares provided along with the mouse. A small plastic tray can be used to hold up to 8 weights, adjusting the weight of the DarkGlider as necessary; however, we do not believe that this will be necessary as the DarkGlider is a rather heavy mouse already.

Once the DarkGlider is connected, the LCD screen and the logo on the front side of the mouse light up. The default illumination color is red but, through the PC software, the user can choose from 32 colors and even adjust the intensity and pulsation of the illumination.

The small LCD screen at the top right edge of the mouse indicates the current DPI setting. Although it definitely is a fancy looking feature, we think that the functionality of the screen is actually lower than that of simple LEDs. It definitely is far more difficult to read the LCD while gaming than simply glance to see how many LEDs are lit.

The software accompanying the DarkGlider is relatively simple, without vague controls or options. The user can adjust the functions of every button, including the primary left and right mouse buttons, as well as to save/load up to 5 user profiles into the 256KB memory of the mouse. There is also a click counter, which offers no real functionality but it is not a bad idea. In the DPI settings page one can adjust the level and number of DPI stages (up to 6 stages per profile), while the advanced settings page has options to control the speed of the mouse, the scroll wheel and the double-click interval, as well as some basic sensor settings. There is also a sound setting, which enables or disables a jingle every time the DarkGlider is powered on.

The Sharkoon DarkGlider has left us with mixed feelings. Even though it is the best gaming mouse that the company currently offers, it is certainly not a product meant for everyone. Some of the most positive things about the DarkGlider is its excellent accuracy, good quality and great appearance, which every gamer will surely appreciate. The provided software is quite good and detailed, while the value of the mouse is another great plus, as we found the DarkGlider retailing for just 54 USD in the US and 34 EUR in Europe. On the other hand however, the DarkGlider is excessively outsized, making it next to impossible to work with it if the user's hands are not equally large.

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