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Sharkoon Gaming Mice 3-way review

A four-way ridged rubber wheel has been installed on the Drakonia, which is very accurate and feels fairly solid for a gaming-grade mouse. Beneath the wheel Sharkoon placed the DPI selection switch, which allows the user to adjust the sensitivity of the Drakonia on-the-fly. There are four LEDs at the top right end of the mouse which indicate the current DPI setting at all times.

Four large Teflon gliding feet can be found at the bottom side of the Drakonia, as well as the 5000DPI Avago 9500 laser sensor. Furthermore, a small plastic hatch covers six metallic weights which can be used to adjust the weight of the mouse.

Once the Drakonia is powered up, the four DPI LEDs are not the only ones which light up; the large dragon logo on the front of the mouse does as well. What is even more interesting is that the user can change the illumination color via the software which Sharkoon supplies, with the ability to choose from 25 (!) colors or even turn off the illumination completely.

Even though the Drakonia software appears complex at first, it actually is very simple to use. The main control allows the user to adjust the functions of every button, including the primary left and right mouse buttons, as well as to save/load up to 5 user profiles. The advanced settings offer options to control the speed of the mouse, the scroll wheel and the double-click, as well as some basic sensor settings.

Much like with the Squad, the greatest feature of the Drakonia is the very low retail price. We found the Drakonia selling for about 40 USD in the US and 25 EUR in Europe; less than even some basic office-grade mice. It is comfortable to use (as long as you are right handed) and its accuracy should please even veteran gamers. When it comes to quality, we cannot claim that the Drakonia can directly compete with some of the very big players out there, yet it is well above average and costs a third of what some manufacturers are asking for equivalent products. The only double-edged feature of the Drakonia is its aesthetic design, as users will either like or hate the green scaly theme.

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