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Sevenhugs: A Smart Remote Control for EVERYTHING!

On this week’s Crowdfunding Campaign of the Week, we feature Sevenhugs. Think of it as the ultimate universal remote control which gives you control any device in the home. Once pointed at a device, the Sevenhugs automatically adapts and its HD touch screen changes to reflect the specific device’s controls – making it a Smart remote. If there are more than one configured device at a location, the Sevenhugs will display the devices available, upon selection, its specific set of controls will then appear.


The Sevenhugs is able to control any device that operates on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared. This means you get to control more than 25,000 devices with this one Smart remote that fits easily in the palm of your hands. Compatible devices include household electronic devices like lights, thermostats, Smart hubs, sockets, television sets to audio systems and even hailing you an Uber – its possibilities are pretty much endless.

Image Credit: Sevenhugs
Image Credit: Sevenhugs

One really neat feature which is extremely impressive, is that the Smart remote allows you to get access to your most used services without having to move physically. What I mean by that is, you are able to programme Sevenhugs in other ways apart from point-to-use. An example would be that you can programme it to shut off all lights and electrical sockets in the house, whenever you point at your main door. Pretty cool huh?


Prior to using the Sevenhugs there are just two steps to take, ensure that its room sensors are strategically placed around the house and configure it on its companion mobile application. First thing’s first, the room sensors. Each Sevenhugs is accompanied by 3 room sensors, which you would have to strategically place around the house preferably as high as possible. This will allow it to be effective up to 1,000sqft. Secondly, download its companion mobile application which can be found on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once downloaded, utilise it to configure add or remove new gadgets on your Smart remote and you are ready to go!

Image Credit: Sevenhugs
Image Credit: Sevenhugs

Availability and Price

Needless to say, the Sevenhugs has already been fully funded and most of its early bird pledges have all been sold out! The next pledge in line is going for SG$213 (US$149). This gets you 1 Smart remote, 1 charging base and 3 room sensors. International shipping is at an additional flat rate of SG$50 (US$35). You can expect to get your hands on a Sevenhugs starting July 2017!

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