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I AM SETSUNA Available on PS Store on 26 July

I AM SETSUNA is a great tribute to JRPG masterpieces. It has used the latest technology to create and invent an experience for the player that is truly innovative and noteworthy, bringing authentic JRPG style to current hardware on consoles such as the PS4.

I AM SETSUNA is set on an island which has a custom. For peace to be maintained, a sacrifice would have to be offered to a fiend on the island once a decade. On one year, the fiend grew violent before the next sacrifice was due. The inhabitants of the the island were afraid and tried to appease the beast by offering a sacrifice.

This time, Setsuna was picked due to her powers of enchantment. Together with a quirky mercenary by the name of Endir, a former traveler known as Aeterna, and a carefree veteran soldier called Nidr, Setsuna starts her walk to the ritual site where the sacrifice will occur.

Platform Product Name Language SGD MYR IDR THB
PS4 I Am Setsuna English ver. 50.8 155 488,000 1,285

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