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Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to direct film chronicling the Sega vs Nintendo console war

Sony Pictures plans to develop a film adaptation of the early console war between Sega and Nintendo, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg taking the helm as directors and writers of the project.


Sega and Nintendo are more than just the names of game companies: they are words that have been etched into the collective hive mind of pop culture, bringing a multitude of unforgettable moments that serve as the foundations of our youth.

The battle between the two console giants during the 1990’s was one of the seminal moments for the gaming industry as a whole, and the aftershocks of their showdown can still be felt today. Both the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo are still avidly used to this day, with retro gaming enthusiasts re-living those beloved moments of their childhood or experiencing the games they never knew existed.

In a way, it’s like time traveling to the past–akin to the way AVGN brings us back to the past–for a novel and quite enamoring experience that will forever be a hallmark of gaming as a whole.

Now Sony Pictures aims to transport movie-goers to this magical time in gaming history with a feature length adaptation of Console Wars, a book by Blake J. Harris that chronicles that legendary battle.


Originally revealed by BookTrade, the news highlights that Scott Rudin will be working with Sony Pictures to bring an adaptation on the silver screen. Evan Goldberg and comedian Seth Rogen (both of which who wrote the foreward for Harris’ novel) will collaborate on the project as directors and screenplay writers, with Harris standing as Executive Producer.

Interestingly enough, Harris is also planning to do a documentary on the subject a la Indie Game: The Movie, which Rudin, Goldberg and Rogen are producing.

It’ll be interesting to see how the project pans out, but this time in gaming history is definitely one of the most influential periods and we can guess that the theaters will be packed with Sega/Nintendo fans across the globe. There’s plenty of comparisons and versus videos to watch while we wait on the movie; AVGN’s Genesis vs. SNES series comes to mind–be sure to check it out below.

[youtube id=”fb73kHBAirU” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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