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Seriousd keeps you from getting distracted on the computer

Seriousd is a free app that keeps track of your computer use and helps you from getting too distracted when on the computer.


Are you the kind of person who sits down at the computer with the best intentions of doing real work… as soon as you check your emails, and surf the web for just a bit; just five minutes… and then suddenly it’s two hours later and you have done nothing useful at all?

Well, then Seriousd is for you. It’s a free application for Windows that tracks your application and web usage and makes sure that you don’t get too distracted. If you have some self-control it can be set just to monitor your computer usage, but if you really need help, it can take a more active role. If you spend too much time on certain applications or website, Seriousd can be set to lock you out, and keep you from accessing it. The only way to remove the block is with a restart.

While Seriousd isn’t sleek or super-intuitive, it does the job well. The only issue of course, is that if you’re motivated enough to get work done that you’d download it, well, then you probably don’t need it. Then again, if you do need it, chances are you won’t download it.

Check out the video, it does a good job of explaining the application!

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