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September 18 gains credence as iPhone 6s ETA, shady 5-inch model now rumored

As if things weren’t complicated enough on the speculation front regarding new iPhones, it’s possible Apple has a 5 incher in the pipeline too, which may slide between 4.7 and 5.5-inch iVariants.

iPhone 6

Tim Cook would probably never confess to this, but sometimes, it feels like his well-oiled cash cow is intentionally feeding the media false rumors concerning unreleased iDevices. Take the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

They’ve been the subject of so many conflicting reports lately that you must assume the confusion is premeditated at this point. Oh, and don’t forget the iPhone 6c, which may or may not be real, and may or may not roll out by the end of 2015.

Speaking of, one of our very few certainties is the early September announcement and subsequent commercial launch of at least two iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sequels. The introductory event should go down on the 9th, and sales will likely begin the following week.

Specifically, as tradition calls and German carriers have confirmed on the down low, the next Friday, September 18.


Meanwhile, from the always dubious depths of Chinese social media, a decidedly fishy “leak” arises in the form of a sketch drawn on a piece of paper. First of all, what is this, 1998? Second, exactly where would a 5-inch iPhone 6s fit in Apple’s revamped portfolio?

Could all of the rumors so far have been wrong, and will we ultimately see the smaller iPhone 6 boosted from 4.7 to 5 inches? Or might the lower-cost iPhone 6c sport a huge display compared to what was previously gossiped?

Both scenarios sound… outlandish, to be honest, and the 8 MP camera, Full HD screen resolution and A9 processor “intel” further tied to the improbable 5-inch iPhone makes us laugh. Try again, hilariously inaccurate Asian social media “insider”!

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