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Sense is your all-in-one sleep monitor and guru

Sense is a new Kickstarter project that combines the latest monitoring technologies and sleep medical research to fully optimize user’s sleeping schedule.


In our busy, modern industrial world, sleep is something that we usually tend to prioritize less. But we understand its importance, though current optimization methods of alarms and snoozes often fall a bit short on how natural sleep cycles actually work. Sense claims to be able to answer all of these problems, as this Kickstarter project introduces the concept of comprehensive sleep tracking by combining the basics of sleep cycles and up-to-date wireless monitoring systems.

First of all, physically speaking, there’s not much to see in this simple gadget. But the unassuming form factor of Sense is perhaps why it can be easily placed in your bedroom without standing out too much. What its entire system mainly does is to monitor your sleeping cycles, its conditions, the environment as you sleep, and disturbances if there are any. Using these data, it helps the user maintain an optimized sleep state, and could help prevent problems usually associated with inefficient sleep cycles.


The Sleep Pill for instance, can be placed on your pillow or beside the bed to track your relative sleep state and movements while in bed. The data it accumulates could then be coordinated with the environmental measurements made by Sense’s other sensors to give an analysis, or rating, of how well or how optimized your sleep was. A general score will be provided by the smartphone app it’s included with, allowing you to know if last night was a good night’s sleep or not.

But knowing your body’s optimal sleeping conditions is just one part of the package. Sense is also designed to be able to build a stable sleeping schedule automatically using its Smart Alarm function. With your sleeping data in hand, it determines exactly when your natural sleeping cycle would start waking your body up, reinforcing that state with a good and well-timed alarm. If you’re still supposed to be soundly asleep and the data tells that your sleep pattern was disturbed, it can play white noise, or the sound of light rain to help your sleep cycle get back on track.


Overall, Sense’s concept is simple enough, and despite the comprehensive integration, the technologies used are readily available, so we can be relatively sure that you will get what you see. If you’re interested to fund the project, a minimum of $99 is required for pledgers to get at least one Sense and Sleep Pill unit.

Source: Kickstarter

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