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Seeing ‘No Service’ after coming out of Airplane Mode on your iPhone 7? Apple is looking into it


If you’ve used the Airplane Mode on your iPhone 7 and are now seeing a “No Service” message after exiting flight mode, you’re not alone. The bug seems to be affecting several iPhone 7 users, and Apple is aware of the issue and is looking into a fix.

The issue could be due to the baseband modem. Apple switched out Qualcomm modems for Intel’s XMM7360 LTE modem in the GSM variants of the latest iPhone, and it looks like that may be the cause behind the bug. A video shows the iPhone 6s connecting to an AT&T tower, while the iPhone 7 shows “No Service:”

[youtube id=”-lmK33hZ-hA”]

All of a sudden today my iPhone 7 Jet Black model started not getting internet service — can’t make outbound calls or receive calls — even though it showed 4 bars. I then put it in Airplane Mode, and back off, then it showed no service. It got pretty warm in the top right hand corner.

I then took a video of my wife’s iPhone 6s right next to my iPhone 7, put them both in Airplane Mode, and then switched Airplane Mode off and you can see immediately that the iPhone 6s gets signal instantly, and the iPhone 7 just sits there searching. I then took her SIM and put it in my iPhone 7, no luck, put my SIM in her phone, and it got signal right away.

It looks like employees at Apple’s retail stores are exchanging units that are unable to connect to a cell network after coming out of Airplane Mode. For now, we’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Apple as to the possible reason behind the issue, but if your device is affected, take it to your nearest Apple store.

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