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Secretlabs’ new-for-2018 THRONE and OMEGA models have arrived just in time for the Christmas season and are cheaper than ever. I’ve been having a go at the THRONE 2018 and here’re some of my thoughts.

Secretlab has introduced several new updated features in the THRONE and OMEGA 2018 and I’ll cover them in their respective sections. Let’s get started, shall we?



The THRONE and OMEGA 2018 are pretty easy to assemble despite nearly throwing my back out trying to lift the box. It comes with a very helpful full-colour infographic instruction sheet that made assembly really easy to figure out. Other than some finagling needed get the seat bracket, seat back, and screws lined up, they were actually really straightforward to put together.


Build Quality 

The THRONE and OMEGA are constructed mainly from metal with plastic on the armrests and movement dials/levers. They’re fully upholstered in Secretlab’s PRIME polyurethane (PU) leather that they tout as being durable, waterproof, and easier to clean and maintain than regular leather.

Rather amusingly, the lever used to recline the seat is so well built, it feels better than even the reclining lever in my car.



 First of all, the THRONE looks fantastic. My THRONE came in Flash Red and flashy it is. The colours are extremely bright and vibrant. In contrast, the OMEGA has a cleaner design with less stripes and lines than the THRONE. For both models, the racing seat inspired design of the chair also give them a very cool and unique look in the home/workplace.



 The THRONE and OMEGA are supremely comfortable to sit on, even for extended periods of time. As a student, I sit for hours and hours writing essays, editing videos, and of course gaming. The chairs simply eat it all up and provides fantastic support and comfort.

The new velour, memory foam, lumbar pillow is a godsend for relieving pain in my lower-back. I honestly want to bring this pillow and put it on everything I sit on. The headrest pillow is also very well placed and provides an ideal seating position.

The wheels on these chairs are the smoothest I’ve ever felt on any chair. I love being able to sit in it and never have to get up again. I can roll myself to the kitchen or dining table, do whatever I have to, and just roll right back. If only it came with a small toilet, then I’d never have to get up (I’m only joking, Secretlab please don’t do that).

My only real gripe with the THRONE and OMEGA is that with every leather chair, it does tend to heat up and trap heat after extended use, especially in hot and humid Singapore. The same can be said for the lumbar pillow. However, these problems are easily solved by pointing at fan at myself or, if I’m feeling like a baller, turning the AC on.

Additionally, there’s a small gap between the seat itself and the sides of the seat that crumbs and dirt will inevitably find their way into. It’s not a deal breaker by any means but I won’t miss it if it’s gone in the next iteration.



I’ve personally always found “gaming” chairs like those from Secretlab, DXRacer, or Maxnomic ridiculously expensive and while the THRONE and OMEGA are certainly not cheap products, they are cheaper than the outgoing models.

The 2018 Secretlab lineup is available direct from their website for a lower price. The THRONE and OMEGA are available at SGD$399 and SGD$469 respectively from Secretlab’s website.



The THRONE and OMEGA 2018 are fantastically comfortable and provide oodles of support in long term usage. Add the fact that it’s even cheaper than before, it makes this a hard bargain to pass up.

V3 RED 2.png

V3 PURPLE 2.pngO2 AMBER 2 (S).pngO2 ASH 2 (S).png

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