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Seagate joins the 6TB club with ‘world’s fastest’ hard drive

Enterprise-class 7,200 RPM drive will retail for approximately $600.


Not satisfied with Western Digital having a monopoly in the 6TB space, Seagate has released its own 6TB drive: the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4.

Unlike Western Digital’s 6TB drive, Seagate’s enterprise-geared drive uses its perpendicular magnetic recording technology that’s similar to its other drives already on the market albeit at a much higher density.

“We didn’t have to use helium to get to this capacity, and it’s 25% faster than their helium drive,” said Barbara Craig, a marketing manager with Seagate in a statement. “You can rest assured, when we need it helium we’ll use it.”

Seagate says the drive will be available in 12GB/sec SAS and 6GB/sec SATA versions and is rated for 24×7 operation (an obvious must in a data center) and up to 550 terabytes of data transferred per year.

Seagate hasn’t specified exact availability and pricing details yet, only that the drive is “currently shipping” and is set for a price point of around $600. Expect some confirmed details and availability in the coming days.

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