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Seagate intros the Backup Plus 5TB portable HDD


As consumers create more higher-resolution and higher volumes of content than ever before, there is a growing need of higher capacity mobile drives. To cater to that demand, Seagate has announced the Backup Plus 5TB portable hard disk drive. The new Seagate Backup Plus 5TB doesn’t have any rival currently, as it is the largest capacity mobile drive on the market.

The unparalleled capacity should please users who find the current 4TB mobile drives to be insufficient for their data. Seagate’s new storage solution is made possible thanks to the company’s new BarraCuda internal drive, which features the breakthrough 2.5-inch 1TB platter technology announced last month. The 5400rpm BarraCuda internal drive has been packed inside a sleek 20.5mm form factor with an aluminum cover, which should make it as durable as it is efficient.


The new drive supports the USB 3.0 standard for quick file transfers, and is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0. For customizable backup solutions, users can use the Seagate Dashboard software, which comes with easy local, mobile, cloud and social media backup features. Both PC and Mac users will be able to use the drive, although Mac owners will need to install the NTFS driver first.


The Seagate Backup Plus 5TB drive will be available worldwide in black, silver, red, and blue color options starting this month. In the US, the drive will carry a MSRP of $189.99. It will be joining Seagate’s existing family of external drives, including Ultra Slim, Slim, Portable 4TB, Fast, Desktop, and Hub.

Via: TechPowerUp

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