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Seagate announces availability of new GoFlex Ultra-portable external hard disk…in pink

With external storage devices such as portable hard disks now being neccessities for keeping one's data portable, it would make sense that users will crave products which allow them to show off their individuality in a sea of similar-looking devices. And as far as Seagate is concerned, the best way to fulfill such a need will be to deck out its products with bright colours that are reportedly capable of "perking up dull days" and giving one "a fashionable reason to be tech-savvy", like what it has done with its new GoFlex Ultra-portable external hard disk, which is now available in…pink. Yep.

We all know that portable hard disks are but one of the essential tools that any PC user needs to ensure that they can always access their data in the event that there is no Internet connection available for doing so via online means. However, the fact that most OEMs only offer a limitted variety of colours for their external hard disks does not do much to help a consumer satisfy his or her need for individuality, although it seems that Seagate is about to remedy that situation with the introduction of a new addition to its GoFlex Ultra-portable hard disk, which, unlike most of the competition, is available in a bright pink hue.

Looks aside, there is little else to distinguish the new, limited edition, pink-coloured Seagate GoFlex Ultra-portable from its 'normal edition' counterparts, at least where performance is concerned. Stashed away under that bright pink body is a 500GB hard disk which, according to Seagate, allows for easy and fast storage, backup and access to one's photos, movies and music. More importantly, Seagate claims that the device is slim enough to be slipped into any IT bag without issues, so portability is definitely not going to be a problem. Last but definitely not least, the GoFlex Ultra-portable external hard disk makes use of the superspeed USB3.0 interface which is capable of data transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbits/s, which is 10 times faster than what you can get with a typical USB 2.0 device.

If that has gotten you interested in being the proud new owner of a pink GoFlex Ultra-portable external hard disk, it can be purchased from Challenger stores at the price of S$109.

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