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Scythe Zipang – Super Size Me!!

Bought that spanking new Quad-core monster but hate the whiny stock cooler? Or perhaps you’re looking to overclock that new Yorkfield/Penryn but not too sure which cooler to get? VR-Zone takes a look at Scythe’s latest monstrous Zipang today.

Following the spate of price cuts by CPU manufacturers last year, finding an Intel Core 2 Quad in a system as of late is becoming common. Yet, with the additional firepower brings more heat and additional noise as the fan on the stock heatsink tries to keep up with the heat load. For overclockers who thought they found the bargain bin, it seems more likely that the heat has been turned on. Short of going for water cooling, perhaps the most economical way of cooling down that chip would be to invest in a heatpipe heatsink. That and maybe some Delta Focus Flow fans along with a pair of ear plugs. Enthusiasts are accustomed to the noise generated by these monsters; it’s the missus’ nagging that mandates the use of ear-plugs.

As we observe the trend of heatpipe heatsinks of late, having more heatpipes seems to be the way to go. Today, we have a new heatpipe heatsink in the labs that seems like it would perform well without causing too much of a racket. Ladies and Gentlemen, we present the Scythe Zipang to you. (According to Wiki, it’s the anglicized version of an old chinese name for Japan)

Whereas most of its peers feature 120mm fans, the Zipang comes with a 140mm low speed fan that won’t blow your ear drums out. Add to that, the 6 heatpipes which are properly soldered to the based and fins to ensure proper heat transfer and Scythe may just have a winning solution. Lets take a look at the basic specifications of the unit before we move on to more pictures.

Basic Specifications

Model Name: ZIPANG CPU Cooler
Model Number: SCZP-1000
Manufacturer: Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan
Overall Dimensions: 145 x 148 x 112 mm
Weight: 815g
Fan Dimensions: 139 x 139 x 25 mm
Speed: 1000 rpm (±10%)
Air Flow: 51.82 CFM
Noise Level: 21.00 dBA

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