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Scythe Unleashes Mine 2 CPU Cooler

Scythe Co., Ltd, has revived the discontinued Mine CPU cooler with the release of its high-performance Mine 2 CPU Cooler (SCMN-2000). Measuring 130 x 143 x 160mm and weighing 1,150g, the cooler boasts eight copper heatpipes, dual aluminum heatsink towers, a F.M.S.B.3 (Flip Mount Super Back-plate 3) System, and supports up to three fans.

Japanese cooling specialist Scythe hereby officially announces the launch the new high-end CPU Cooler Mine 2. The Mine 2 CPU Cooler is based on a twin cooler Layout. Eight copper heatpipes transport heat to two generously dimensioned cooling blocks. By placing the fan in between the 2 heatsink towers, intake as well as exhale airflows are optimized to provide high performance. Furthermore, the lower part of the installed fan is designed to cool the devices around the CPU socket, such as voltage regulators and RAM. The structure of the heat sink makes it possible to use a total of up to three fans by purchasing separately sold fan clips. In this manner, the air flow and thus the cooling capacity of the Mine 2 will be significantly increased by using the push / pull principle.



By default, the Mine 2 will be delivered with a centrally placed, adjustable 140 mm Slip Stream PWM & VR fan. Although the fan supports the PWM feature, the user can manually adjust the PWM bandwidth between 470 to 1,370 rpm and 740 to 1,900 rpm. Despite the changed bandwidth, the fan is still controlled by the PWM signal from the motherboard, allowing an individual but also dynamic fan control. Alternatively it is possible to disable the PWM function. Instead the fan can be controlled manually in a range of 500 to 1,700 rpm. This gives every user the option to optimize the Mine 2 CPU cooler for performance or low noise according to own preferences.



For safe and stable attachment to the motherboard, the new F.M.S.B.3 (Super Flip Mount Backplate 3) mounting system is used. Due to the improved design of the backplate, Mine 2 CPU is compatible with all current sockets, including the new LGA1155.



Scythe Mine 2 will be available worldwide from early February 2011 for  50.50 (excl. VAT).

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