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Scythe Introduces Gouriki Line of PSUs

Scythe has launched its Gouriki 3 series of PSUs, designed for both gamers and mainstream users. Available in 500W, 600W and 700W capacities (modular and non-modular), the 80Plus bronze certified PSUs feature sleeved cables, two 12V rails, various circuitry protection (OCP, OVP, OPP, SCP, UVP & OTP), and is cooled by a 140mm Slip Stream fan. All Gouriki 3 PSUs are covered by a three year limited warranty.


Japanese cooling specialist Scythe announces the availability of the new Gouriki 3 power supply series. These power supplies are now available with an output of 500 W, 600 W and 700 W both as a plug-in version with cable management for comfort, as well as a standard version with sleeved mesh cables.
The Gouriki 3 power supplies meet the 80Plus Bronze certification and reaches an efficiency of 82 to 89% at 20/50/100% load. As usual for Scythe, all components are designed for long life in accordance with Japanese standards. In addition, the Gouriki 3 series was equipped with an improved dual 12V rail, which ensures stable and interference-free operation. The 45 to 55 cm long cable strands of the plug-in, as well as the standard version are completely encased in durable, black mesh tube.


For cooling, a controlled 140 mm fan from the proven Scythe Slip Stream series is used. In addition, users have the option to connect two case fans directly to the power supply. These fans are then individually controlled by an integrated, intelligent fan controller according to the load and the temperature of the PSU. A sufficient level of security is assured due to the variety of protection circuits. Furthermore, three-year warranty is granted by Scythe on the new Gouriki 3 series.




Scythe Gouriki 3 power supply series is now available for the following MSRP:

•Gouriki 3 500 W Plug-in: 72,00 EUR (excluding VAT)
•Gouriki 3 600 W Plug-in: 79,00 EUR (excluding VAT)
•Gouriki 3 700 W Plug-in: 92,00 EUR (excluding VAT)
•Gouriki 3 500 W: 65,00 EUR (excluding VAT)
•Gouriki 3 600 W: 72,00 EUR (excluding VAT)
•Gouriki 3 700 W: 85,00 EUR (excluding VAT)

For more information, visit product pages of Gouriki 3 and Gouriki 3 Plug-in.

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