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Screenshots provide a glimpse of the Apple Watch companion app

This is what you’ll use to control your Apple Watch.


Last year Apple finally unveiled its first smartwatch which is aptly called the Apple Watch. At the time the company only said that it will release this device in “early 2015.” Even though there have been multiple rumors about the Apple Watch release date the company itself hasn’t confirmed anything as yet. The popular assumption is that either the launch will take place around Valentines’ Day or at some point in March.

When the fourth beta of iOS 8.2 was released earlier this week developers who took it for a spin found several mentions of the Apple Watch in the pre-release software. It is the biggest sign yet that a release is just around the corner. Obviously this software update has to be pushed out so as to make existing iOS devices compatible with the Apple Watch.

As is the case with other devices of its kind the Apple Watch will also have a companion app it seems. Using those very mentions a mockup of the Apple Watch companion app has been put together by popular iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith.

This companion app will allow users to set alarms and reminders, notifications for achievements based on health-related milestones that they have set out as well as configure the settings for the Apple Watch. A passcode option is also seen which is likely going to be related to Apple Pay, the company’s new payment system, which is going to work with its wearable device as well.

Given that this is the mockup it is not clear right now if this will be the actual UI of the Apple Watch companion app. We’ve got a good sense of the features now and the possibility still exists that Apple may add even more before this software is pushed out.

Source: 9to5Mac

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