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Screenshots of Ice Cream Sandwich’s user interface leaked?

If there is one thing most smartphone users expect from every new Android release, it would probably be that of an updated and more polished graphical user interface to replace the old one found in the previous versions. And as it turns out, it seems that Android fans who are anxiously awaiting the release of Ice Cream Sandwich will probably have much to look forward to, if this purported leak of the new OS's user interface is of any indication.

Do you remember the news we posted about Google's upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich release for the Android Operating system yesterday? In it, we mentioned that devices preloaded with this spanking new OS can be expected to see the light of day on retail shelves from as early as October this year. If that was not enough to get you all fired up about the upcoming OS release, perhaps this leaked screenshot of what appears to be Ice Cream Sandwich's new user interface will, as published by a website known as RootzWiki.

As RootzWiki was only able to acquire two screenshots of the alleged new user interface, we are not able to ascertain if this is the actual 'vanilla' user interface for Ice Cream Sandwich, or if it is just a very sophisticated third-party skin that has been layered over the stock UI. However, if we were to work with the assumption that the aforementioned screenshots are the real deal, it would seem that Google is keen on bringing some of Honeycomb's UI elements into Ice Cream Sandwich. This will mesh well with Google's earlier claims that the two branches of Android will eventually merge together to become a single unified OS that will play nice with both tablets and smartphones.

In addition, RootzWiki has also claimed that some of the major UI changes which are not exhibited in the above screenshots include a completely new theme for Gmail, and that Ice Cream Sandwich is not expected to differ too drastically from Gingerbread aside from UI changes, ostensibly to make it suitable for use on older devices. Also of interest is the presence of an icon located at the bottom right of the second screenshot we have posted, which resembles some sort of 'one-stop station" to access multiple apps that are currently running in the background.

Last but definitely not least, RootzWiki has claimed that this release, appears to be a very early build of the new UI, so expect things to change drastically over the next couple of months while Google and its developers work to tidy up Ice Cream Sandwich for mass deployment.

Source: RootzWiki

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