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Scott Derrickson to direct movie adaptation of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The popular cyberpunk video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been greenlit for a movie adaptation, and noteworthy director Scott Derrickson (Sinister) is at the helm.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a direct sequel to the cult-classic PC game Deus Ex release in 2000, featuring a continuation of the franchise's signature futuristic cyberpunk dystopia and stylish mix of FPS action and deep story plots full of intrigue and decption.

Receiving a warm reception in the gaming world, Human Revolution blends science fiction with futuristic sleuthing, as gamers take hold of the game's cybernetically augmented protagonist Adam Jensen and utilize both raw power and tactical stealth to uncover hidden conspiracies and overthrow the totalitarian government.

Based on the game's success and distinct visual style, Scott Derrickson (the director of Sinister) was thrilled to take charge of the game's movie adaptation for CBS Films:

“Deus Ex is a phenomenal cyberpunk game with soul and intelligence,” Derrickson commented. “By combining amazing action and tension with big, philosophical ideas, Deus Ex is smart, ballsy, and will make one hell of a movie."

It's always a huge plus when a director of a game adaptation is a fan of the game itself, and hopefully Derrickson will stay true to the franchise and not go off on tangents. Considering that gamers may be the main constituency to see a movie based on a video game, movie producers and directors should keep the film closely tied to the original source material.

Having played Deus Ex: Human Revolution myself I can honestly say that the game plays like a movie, featuring full voice-acting dialong, an engaging story arc replete with secrets and betrayal, and enjoyable fast-paced action. What's more is that the game itself paralells a societal conundrum that's eerily realistic, painting a visceral and dystopic view of our not-too-distant future.

No information has yet been confirmed on who is to star in the upcoming adaptation or when it will be released, but I for one am excited to see this game get an adaptation. For more information be sure to check Entertainment Weekly's article on the upcoming film.

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