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Sapphire Readies HD 7970 with 1335 MHz GPU Clock

We tend to be skeptical about AMD or NVIDIA claiming stellar overclocking capabilities of their upcoming GPUs, but this time, it seems AMD wasn't playing the same old PR games. Sapphire is readying a non-reference design HD 7970 graphics card that boasts of 1335 MHz GPU clock speed. Out of the box!

You read that right, 1335 MHz GPU core clock speed, out of the box! A leaked company document belonging to AMD's biggest add-in board (AIB) partner, Sapphire, disclosed details such as clock-speeds, of pretty much every non-reference design Radeon HD 7970 graphics card that company has, in the works. These include Sapphire's using brand markers – Atomic, Toxic, FLEX, Vapor, and Dual-Fan. The cards that caught our eyes are "Atomic  RX" and "Atomic WC". 

Both "Atomic RX" and "Atomic WC" have the same exact clock speeds – 1335 MHz core, 5735 MHz (1433 MHz actual) memory. The "Atomic RX" could be an air-cooled model, while the "Atomic WC" could be a liquid-cooled one. Sapphire will most likely use a closed-loop, pre-fitted water-cooling solution. 

Other variants include Toxic 3G, with 1125 MHz core, 5600 MHz (1400 MHz actual) memory; FLEX 6G, with a flexible display output configuration of six mini-DisplayPort connectors, AMD reference clock speeds of 925/5500 MHz (core/memory effective), but with a whopping 6 GB of memory on board; VaporX 3G with 1010/5500 MHz (core/memory effective), Dual-Fan 3G, with a cost-effective double-fan cooler and AMD reference speeds; and "Da Original", which is the vanilla card that sticks completely to AMD reference board design. Boy, are we excited. 

Source: ChipHell

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