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Sapphire launches the Radeon R9 390 TOXIC graphics card

Radeon R9 390 TOXIC

Sapphire has come out with a new Radeon R9 390 card, the air-cooled Radeon R9 390 TOXIC.

The graphics card is meant exclusively for select Asian markets such as China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It features an attractive looking VaporX vapor-chamber cooling solution and comes factory-overclocked. In fact, it is the highest clocked Radeon R9 390 card from the manufacturer yet. The cooling solution comprises of a large vapor-chamber plate, copper heat pipes, and three 100mm fans.

Radeon R9 390 TOXIC -2

The core has been clocked at 1120 MHz, a healthy boost over the reference clock of 1000 MHz. The memory hasn’t been touched though, it remains at 6.00 GHz. Like other Radeon R9 390 cards, the Sapphire Radeon R9 390 TOXIC includes a total of 2560 stream processors and 8GB of GDDR5 memory.

Via: TechPowerUp


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