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SANYO’s New Xacti Dual Cameras

SANYO Xacti Dual Cameras

SANYO has announced their new line-up of Xacti Dual Cameras which are designed as a combination of digital still cameras and camcorders for users to take both photos and videos separately. Featuring a small and compact form factor, the cameras are extremely portable and easy to hold for filming and shooting anytime, anywhere.

Today, SANYO introduces its latest Xacti Dual Cameras line-up that provide great flexibility for camera lovers and users to take both photos and videos, enhancing and enriching active lifestyles.

The new mixed form factor (horizontal, vertical) line-up of five cameras including waterproof HD models (DMX-WH1 and DMX-CA9), a stylish Compact HD DMX-CG10, and Full HD 60fps cameras (DMX-FH11 and DMX-HD2000).

The DMX-HD2000/FH11 is the world’s first to capture Progressive Full HD video at (1920 x 1080); the DMX-CA9/WH1 is the world’s first waterproof HD camera; the DMX-CG10 is the world’s first HD Movie camera that can shoot high resolution 10-Megapixel still photos.

The cameras will be available from February 6, 2009.

Source: SANYO

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