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Sanyo’s Mouse & Keyboard Combo Backtracks Closer to Nature

Sanyo's keyboard/mouse combo product takes on the usual eco-friendly trend of building its outer shell from more natural components. The EEA-YW0865 mouse and the EEA-YW0863 keyboard are both wireless PC input peripherals that are made from bamboo.

Wooden gadgets and peripherals may not exactly be unique, but they're not really that common either. That is probably why it's considerably worth noting that a company like Sanyo would even bother to produce their own "green" PC peripherals.

The EEA-YW0865 is a wooden computer mouse unit that is made out of bamboo. It is wireless, uses the standard 2.4 Ghz band, and its input is transferred to a USB-plugged receiver. Energy is provided to it by two AA batteries. It doesn’t have any other special features, but that's already a given to a product that tries to be eco-friendly in the most minimalistic way possible.

The keyboard unit is designated as the EEA-YW08063. Just like the EEA-YW0865, it is also made out of bamboo. Unlike the mouse unit though, it is not wireless. What's a bit nice (at least visually) though, is that the wire is also colored to match the same light brown, wooden finish of the keyboard. Again, no special features in this one, though it has extra function buttons at the top (near the numpad) like any other standard modern keyboard.

Wooden peripherals like these are attractive to some people due to the ironic "quaint-yet-modern" factor that they usually have. It's like you're in some sci-fi office from the future that was envisioned by the people from the early 1900's or something.

Though presented as a combo due to having the same theme and being presented at the same time, they are actually sold separately. The EEA-YW0865 wooden mouse is priced at 3180 yen (35 USD), while the EEA-YW0863 is priced at 4180 yen (46 USD).

Source: PCWatch (JP)

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