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SANYO PDG-DHT100JL Full HD Projector

SANYO PDG-DHT100JL Full HD Projector

The SANYO PDG-DHT100JL is the latest Full HD projector that promises superior image quality at 1920×1080 resolution and up to 30m from the screen. It is also the brightest of its class, featuring an impressive 6,500 lumens brightness.

SANYO has announced a new addition to its DLP projector line-up, the PDG-DHT100JL projector which claims to be the brightest of its class with an incredible 6,500 lumens. It is also compatible with Full HD signal to provide bright high definition image projection at superior quality, which is perfect for digital advertising (electronic advertising) and design/CAD applications.

Compatible with SANYO’s optional Uncompressed HD DATA WIRELESS Transmission System, the projector can project over long distances of up to 30 meters without cable extension.

In addition, the PDG-DHT100JL has been designed to have higher resistance to dust with the newly designed encapsulated optical engine and the use of SANYO’s proprietary ‘Active Maintenance Filter’ (AMF) for the industry’s longest-lasting filter, It allows enough airflow to keep lamp area cool without bringing in all the dust.

The SANYO PDG-DHT100JL will be on sale in Japan starting from the end of March 2009.

Main Features

1. Brightest of its class at 6,500 lumens, and Compatible with Full HD video for bright and beautiful high definition and high resolution projection

– Bright 6,500 lumens projection answers growing needs in the digital signage market area when used in brighter environments

– Brightest of its class*1 projection made possible from two UHP lamps, each outputting 330-watts, and a twin color wheel system which have largely increased the light output efficiency

– Designed to handle Full HD (1920 x 1080) high quality resolution image projection, meeting the changing needs of the marketplace from to the more widespread use of high definition input signals

– Attention to detail and accuracy in image projection allows use of the projector in more demanding situations, such as design or CAD specialized fields and applications

2. Compatible with latest in uncompressed HD*2 DATA WIRELESS transmission optional adapter allowing incredible image quality even from long distances

– New projector compatible with uncompressed HD*2 DATA WIRELESS Transmission System announced by SANYO in August 2008

– The Uncompressed HD*2 DATA WIRELESS Transmission System allows pure uncompressed data transmission without delays between the video and sound

– Technology in wireless system allows uncompressed data even from distances of up to 30 meters*3 away from the input source

– Easier set-up for place such as large event halls and other large rooms/theaters as it eliminates the need to feed cables and run wires from sources to projectors

3. Equipped with new, dust-resistant sealed optical engine and the Industry’s longest-lasting*4 30,000 hour-use filter ‘Active Maintenance Filter’, for cleaner and highly durable projection

– New, improved sealed optical engine cooling design to prevent dust build-up, maintaining optimal brightness and contrast, problems that traditionally are difficult to overcome, causing reductions in projection quality

– Improved air control for more flexibility in using the projector in a variety of environments

– Equipped with replaceable ‘Active Maintenance Filter’ for the Industry’s longest lasting*4 30,000 hour-use automatic reel filter cartridge to prevent dust from entering the lamp area, while still allowing enough airflow to help the area to remain cool

– Longer durability and reliability from the increased dust resistance and longer lasting filters

4. Other Features- Compatible with 2 different types of user-changeable color wheels allowing high brightness and rich color reproduction

– Equipped with ‘Edge Blending’ function that allows what feels like boundary-less images with multi-image display possibilities

– Built-in ‘Color Matching’ function correcting variations in color reproduction when using more than one projector

– Realizes vertical 360 degree tilt angle projection allowing projection positions from the ceiling or floor, breaking from traditional projection settings

– Advanced lens functions with ‘power vertical/horizontal lens shift’ function and ‘lens center layout’ symmetrical design

– Capable of projecting two images simultaneously either using built-in picture-in-picture mode or picture-by-picture mode

– Open expansion Interface Board allows for a variety of optional products

Source: SANYO

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