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Sanwa’s new gadget takes selfies on a new level


When was the last time you took a great selfie? How many attempts before you got that picture-perfect natural shot? We could only guess one too many. But with Sanwa Supply’s new gadget though, you can take your selfies easily on a whole different level.

The Self Shot Stick (200-CAM023) is an outrageously simple contraption that has only one single purpose: to help you take that perfect selfie. Its function might not be obvious though when you see the gadget for the very first time, but once you know what it is, you would naturally, intuitively, and instantly know what to do next with it.


As seen in the image the smartphone is fixed using a clamp-like device that is tightened using a hand-turned adjustable knob. The mirror allows you to preview your shot (surprise!), so that you can precisely check whether you got the right pose or angle for that selfie shot. The stick’s length is adjustable from 230mm to 950mm, so distance can also be properly adjusted. If you’re finished using the tool, simply retract the stick, and tuck it away in a medium-sized bag or carrying container.


Technology-wise it’s kind of crude actually, no electronics whatsoever, and can be something that a DIY person could easily patch up. Still, the concept is pretty neat, and it does its job pretty well, just don’t let the hand that holds it appear in the picture of course.

The Self Shot Stick is currently available only at Sanwa Direct sections of Japanese online tech stores, for a price of about 2,000 yen (20 USD).

Source: ITMedia (JP)

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