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Sanwa Direct Showcases Back-Installed Tablet Arm

Sanwa Direct presents a new adjustable arm stand that is installed at the back of your PC monitor, and is designed to hold tablets.

Sanwa direct had just showcased another adjustable arm product for their line of monitor holders. They have already previously released adjustable arm products for quite some time, but this is the first time that they had developed one that is specifically used for tablets. The new product is designated as the 100-MR067, and it is aimed to be used on tablets that are 7 to 12 inch in size. It is designed to be installed at the back, for the attached tablet to be used as an auxiliary unit for your PC setup.

The back mounting standard of the 100-MR067 allows a good portion of the arm itself to be hidden behind a ordinary LCD monitor, which makes for added points in its overall ergonomic standard. It saves you table space, and is not rough to look at. The tablet holder itself has 5 variable stoppers/clips and is tipped with a cushion material, so that it both stays in place firmly and gets protected from scratches and other minor damage. The arm has three joints, all of which can be efficiently used to change the position of the tablet while it is attached. The tablet tray is made of ABS plastic, and the arm is made of steel and aluminum. The maximum length of the arm is 462.8mm, and overall it weighs 0.98kg.

Although it has been generally advertised to be able to hold 7 to 12 inch screen tablets, it actually has specific tablet dimension limits. The length of the tablet to be mounted should be from 191 to 272mm, width from 110 to 190mm and thickness from 5 to 18mm.

The tablet arm units are now currently available for  limited time purchase at several online stores (Rakuten Online Shop, Yahoo Shopping (JP), Amazon Marketplace (JP) for a price of 6480 yen (82 USD).

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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