SanDisk is targeting the datacenter market with its latest 4 TB SSD.


SanDisk rolled out a new 4 TB SSD that is aimed at the enterprise segment. The manufacturer’s first offering is the 4 TB Optimus Max Serial Attached SCSI SSD, which SanDisk claims is ideal for datacentre usage. The drive will be built on SanDisk’s 19 nm manufacturing process.


SanDisk claimed that the SSD can handle anywhere from one to three full data writes on a daily basis. Being an enterprise class SSD, the Optimus Max comes with a slew of technologies that provide error correction and detection, full data path protection, and data fail recovery.

Drives in the Optimus Max range will be sold through channel partners, and as such SanDisk has not divulged any pricing information. The manufacturer has stated that it is on course to launch 6 TB and 8 TB variants sometime in 2015.


In addition to the Optimus Max range, SanDisk also released the Lightning Generation II series, which comes with a 12 Gbps SAS interface. There will be three variants in this series: Lightning Ultra is the high-end offering which can handle 25 full writes, while Lightning Ascend is the mid-tier offering and can handle 10 drive writes. The Lighting Eco is the entry-level SSD and can handle three drive writes daily. Read/write transmission is at 1,000 MBps and 600 MBps for these drives, and they will be available in storage variations of 200 GB to 800 GB.

The 4 TB Optimus Max as well as the Lightning Generation II SSDs will be commercially available sometime in the third quarter.

Source: SanDisk

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