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Samsung’s S$2 Million “The Wall Luxury” Ultra-Premium 8K TV Is Twice Your Height

Samsung redefines the premium AV space with The Wall Luxury, a modular television system that sits flush against a wall, and can be installed in various aspect ratios and sizes. At a whopping maximum price of more than S$2M, The Wall Luxury has arrived on Singapore’s shores as its third stop after Seoul and London.

Targetted at luxury residences and other premium business environments, the modular build of The Wall Luxury allows for different configurations giving different sizes, aspect ratios and resolutions. From a 146-inch configuration in 4K to 292 inches in 8K, the bezel-less displays can also be paired with frames to blend into any interior design.

Configurable to up to a 292-inch, 64-panel surface, The Wall Luxury outperforms most high-quality projector options. Image: Samsung

Showcasing the bleeding edge of Samsung’s prowess in display technology, The Wall Luxury is markedly different from regular Large Format Display options, leveraging MicroLED instead of LCD technology. This enables an incredible peak brightness of 2,000 nits and incredible contrast ratios.

The modular design of The Wall Luxury not only means users can opt for unorthodox aspect ratios, but they can also even opt for unique shapes and arrangements. Image: Samsung

This works together with Black Seal Technology that prevents glare, increases display durability and enhances the black surface area of the display. For colours, Ultra Chroma Technology delivers colour purity for vibrant and natural colours by reproducing narrow wavelength light – approximately twice the purity than conventional LEDs.

Its MicroLED design also means that The Wall Luxury also does not have to be turned off. Instead, it can be used in Ambient Mode, displaying paintings, photographs or video art to beautify the surroundings. Total UX allows users to control The Wall Luxury with a Bluetooth remote or in greater detail via tablet.

The Wall Luxury in 146-inch configuration at AV Intelligence. The maximum surface area is four times the size shown here. Image: Ian Ling

Samsung has also implemented Quantum Processor Flex, which upscales video content to a more optimal resolution using AI technology. Intended for home use, The Wall Luxury is also ideal for console gaming, with a refresh rate of 120Hz – twice of most televisions on the market.

Apart from gaming, The Wall Luxury interfaces with other entertainment and usability platforms like Apple TV, Netflix, YouTube, along with Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant and SmartThings IoT service.

The high 120Hz refresh rate of The Wall Luxury makes it perfect for immersive gaming on the big screen. Image: Ian Ling

The Wall Luxury will be exclusively available in Singapore at AV Intelligence, which has an outlet at Millenia Walk. Private viewings can be arranged from 1 November 2019 onwards.

This pedigree doesn’t come cheap. Rough pricing starts at SGD 500,000 for 4K, 146-inch, 16-panel configuration currently displayed at AV Intelligence. The maximum configuration at 64-panel, 8K and 292 inches will cost approximately SGD 2,000,000. Additional pricing for workmanship and installation, along with additional costs for accessory tablet and other customisations, along with prevailing taxes are separate.

Ian Ling
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One thought on “Samsung’s S$2 Million “The Wall Luxury” Ultra-Premium 8K TV Is Twice Your Height

  1. Brian

    Thats 20 CM smaller than 2 of me on top of each other 🙂

    Anyway with a hefty lotto win i might well spend money on something like this, but it will have to be a substantial lotto win otherwise far too expensive.

    PS: Just got letter from my landlord which have canceled his deal with the cable TV company, so from june 1 i will not be forced to pay for TV channels i dont watch, which suit me fine as what they send are garbage, and so is 95% of what you get from streaming companies.
    So my +10 year old TV will go to electronics recycling.

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