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Samsung’s Power Sharing cable lets a Galaxy phone or tablet charge other devices

The new accessory will turn a Galaxy phone or tablet into a portable charger for any microUSB-enabled device.

Power Sharing

Designing USB cables might not be an everyday thing for Samsung, but the company’s new Power Sharing cable is certainly one that gets high marks for usability. The cable, which is now available in the US for $19.99, will allow users to charge any device that can be charged with a microUSB cable using their Galaxy phone or tablet, essentially turning the latter into a portable charger.

According to Samsung, there is no limitation on which device you can charge, though it does warn that users won’t be able to transfer the full charge from their Galaxy device due to power constraints. The cable requires Samsung’s Power Sharing app, which can be used to set the amount of power that will be transferred; at the moment, only the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Avant, and the Galaxy Tab S tablets can be used for charging another device, though it’s likely all upcoming high-end Samsung devices will be added to the list once they hit markets.


Source: Samsung

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