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Samsung’s “Note” brand might be killed forever


Following the unprecedented crisis caused by the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, a new report is suggesting that Samsung might choose to retire the Note brand forever. The folks over at Russian website Hi Tech Mail.ru claim to have received the tip from one of their sources.

Their source claims that in a survey conducted by Samsung, more than 50% of the respondents have negative feelings towards the Note brand now. With the majority of consumers now losing faith in the Note brand, it does make sense for the company to do away with the lineup completely. Samsung is expected to lose close to $17 billion in revenue thanks to the entire fiasco and has revised its Q3 earnings forecast recently. While Samsung earlier expected to post an operating profit of KRW 7.8 trillion ($7 billion), it now expects to make an operating profit of KRW 5.2 trillion ($4.6 billion). The company’s shares aren’t doing well either, with nearly $18 billion in market cap being wiped off after it announced that the Galaxy Note 7 is being permanently discontinued.

While it does seem very likely now that Samsung will not be launching a Galaxy Note 8 last year, it remains to be seen if the company will launch a flagship Galaxy smartphone with S-Pen next year. The Galaxy Note 7 debacle aside, the brand has been very popular among the “Pro” users, especially in the US market. The combination of a large Super AMOLED display and the highly functional S-Pen made the Galaxy Note smartphones the ultimate choice for professionals and artists.

Will you be missing the Samsung Galaxy Note line?

Source: Hi-Tech Mail.ru


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