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Samsung’s metal-clad Galaxy Alpha might be launched in limited quantities

Supply chain issues might be the cause for a limited launch of Samsung’s supposed metallic flagship, according to the Korean media.


Samsung may be working on finally giving a certain section of consumers what they’ve been clamoring for with the rumored metal-clad Galaxy Alpha, but retail availability could be extremely limited, according to a report published in the Korean media.

The Galaxy S5 was rumored to have a metal construction quite frequently leading up to its launch, but Samsung’s latest flagship turned out to be using the company’s beloved plastic, albeit with an improved faux leather cover on the back. Recently, murmurs surfaced of Samsung working on the Galaxy Alpha, a flagship lineup that would be separate from the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lineups and would be partially made out of metal.

However, even if the Galaxy Alpha is real and is indeed under development, the Korean media suggests that the launch could be extremely limited, in a similar vein to the experimental flexible display-toting Galaxy Round. The reason? Apparently, the Chinese companies who would be producing the metal case for the phone won’t be able to produce more than 1 million units each month, and hence prevent a major worldwide launch as is common with all of Samsung’s flagship smartphones.

It remains to be seen if Samsung will be able to do something to get around the supply chain issue, but with the Galaxy Alpha expected to break cover in mid-August, the Korean manufacturer would be running rather short of time. The Galaxy Alpha is expected to sport a 4.7-inch screen and compete with Apple’s iPhone 6, but that’s a plan that might not work out very well with a limited launch.

Source: Udn.com

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