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Samsung’s Galaxy Gear gets a $120 price cut in India

Samsung India has slashed the price of the Galaxy Gear by almost $120 (Rs. 7,000), making the company’s first smartwatch considerably more attractive to consumers.

Galaxy Gear second

The $299 price tag of the Galaxy Gear has been perhaps the biggest reason for its lackluster sales (along with limited device compatibility), and it was also one of the reasons why we gave it a ‘Fail’ rating in our review. In markets like India, the Gear was launched at an even higher price of around $355, but that has now gone down to around $250, and the huge price cut might start working in its favor and help Samsung sell a considerably higher amount of units.

The discounted price is supposed to go into effect globally, with the U.S. price expected to go down to around $210, though it isn’t official at the moment. However, while the Galaxy Gear is now a more affordable device, it might not be the latest in a couple of months, as Samsung is expected to launch its successor sometime in February or March, possibly with a flexible display and a thinner and more attractive design.

But then again, the second-generation Samsung smartwatch will most likely feature a similarly exorbitant price tag upon launch, so the Galaxy Gear might just be the smartwatch to have for the foreseeable future, as long as you own one of the few compatible Samsung smartphones.

Via: DailyTech | Source: Samsung India

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