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Samsung’s first Tizen handheld caught on camera, packing S800 or Intel Merrifield chip

The oft-rumored and oft-delayed first Samsung device to run Tizen may have slipped to the press in a couple of unofficial images, and will allegedly tout either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC, or an Intel Merrifield.


Serious, non-sarcastic question: how long until we can officially call Tizen dead? It’s been fun to imagine a future where Android and iOS get a spooky, solid rival and maybe, just maybe their duopoly is broken. But frankly, it doesn’t look like this little experiment of Samsung’s and Intel’s (and a few more) was ever taken seriously by its creators.

Or else they’d have done something about it. Well, aside from constantly leaking out conflicting info to the press. The latest in this string of nothingness is a picture duo presumably illustrating the Samsung ZEK900, aka SM-Z9000, aka SM-Z9005, aka “Zeke”.

Zeke is shown in great detail by Korean website MovePlayer and terrible blurriness by Twitter leak master @evleaks, perfectly fitting the description of skinned Galaxy S4 doppelganger. Apparently, it runs Tizen 2.1, sports a 4.8-inch HD (otherwise known as 720p) screen, and should be on display next month, at the Mobile World Congress, for a limited number of eyes to glance over.


ETA? How about never? It’s not like anyone put a lot of work in the operating system or phone’s design, is it? At the end of the day, the whole affair may have been plain and simple a scare tactic for Google. And as long as Big G has indeed reconsidered Motorola’s status and the future of the Nexus family, Sammy is probably fine with continuing to rely on Android.

Assuming this Zeke does land commercially, the two best guesses as to its hardware call for a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip, or Intel-made 22 nm-built Merrifield. If it’s the former, the Tizen handheld could roll out as early as, say, March, but if the latter pans out (which is much more likely), the launch can’t happen earlier than Q2.

You know, since Merrifield is technically not out and about yet. Oh, come on, Samsung, give it up already, no one’s interested any longer. Is there?

Sources: Move Player, Twitter

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