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Samsung’s 64-bit chips will launch later this year

Samsung is set to commercially launch its first 64-bit offerings by the time Google makes a 64-bit version of Android available.

Samsung rivals

In an interview with CNET, Kyushik Hong, vice president of marketing for Samsung’s system LSI business, said that the manufacturer will be ready with its 64-bit chips as soon as there is an ecosystem for it. “Our chip will be ready whenever the operating systems and ecosystem go 64-bit. 64-bit is very important… in the sense that there’s a real demand, whether you need it or not. We are very actively working on it.”

Other major SoC manufacturers like Qualcomm and MediaTek have already launched their 64-bit offerings. While there is not much advantage to be gained from a 64-bit SoC at this moment, manufacturers are launching them anyway mostly due to OEM demands. Qualcomm even made a mention of this in its official unveiling of the Snapdragon 615, its first octa-core 64-bit offering. Intel also demoed two new 64-bit offerings, while Nvidia is set to launch its first 64-bit Tegra K1 later this year. Broadcom and LG are also in the mix.

Samsung has launched two new SoCs earlier this week at the Mobile World Congress, but none of them featured a 64-bit architecture. Hong added that there is no hurry to launch a 64-bit chip, and that Samsung will launch it well before there is a 64-bit version of Android.  “We’re pretty sure we’re not going to be the bottleneck for that (64-bit Android).”

Hong also outlined Samsung’s drive to gain a more significant market share with the Exynos line of hardware. He stated that a major hurdle in doing so is because of Samsung’s strong presence in the consumer market, which makes it difficult for Samsung’s LSI division to sell the Exynos line of hardware to manufacturers who are traditionally rivals to the South Korean manufacturer. He clarified by saying that, “There is some perception in the market, naturally, because it’s the same Samsung name, but there’s a clear division between Samsung Mobile and Samsung System LSI. Once we work with our customers, then they fully appreciate this separation between the different business units.”

With all major manufacturers actively invested in 64-bit hardware, it remains to be seen as to when Google launches a 64-bit version of Android. Latest rumors indicate that the search giant will introduce a 64-bit version of Android sometime in June along with a new Nexus 8 and a smartwatch.

Source: CNET

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