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Samsung working on new smartphone series with single-letter naming convention

The new lineup will reportedly put an end to the obnoxiously long names Samsung devices are infamous for.


The Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 are an important step in Samsung’s strategy. Both devices show the Korean manufacturer is ready to go with market trends in order to rejuvenate its smartphone lineup, especially at a time when its profits and revenues are beginning to spiral downwards. The A3 and A5 also brought along a change in Samsung’s naming convention for its smartphones, and according to a new leak, it seems the company is ready to follow that convention for upcoming smartphones as well.

SamMobile, a Samsung fan site that’s quite reliable when it comes to these leaks, says that the world’s top smartphone manufacturer is working on a new series of smartphones, though details on their specs and design are currently non-existent. From the wording in SamMobile’s report, it looks like Samsung will launch multiple series of devices, all of which will have one thing in common: short, easy to remember single-letter names.

Basically, names like Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch and Galaxy Core Max won’t find their way onto Samsung’s phones, something that would be welcomed by users and help them keep track of Samsung’s galactically large smartphone lineup. Hopefully, Samsung will also focus on fewer devices and work on making them as good as possible, instead of coming up with minor iterations of the same devices.

Source: SamMobile

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