A leaked Tenaa listing reveals a 7-inch smartphone, which will likely be called the Galaxy Mega 7.0.


Samsung already sells large-screened devices in the Galaxy Mega series, but if a Tenaa certification listing is any indication, the South Korean manufacturer is looking to take the definition of a smartphone to a whole new level.

The Tenaa listing suggests that Samsung is looking to launch a 7-inch smartphone. The device will most likely be launched in the Galaxy Mega series, and will be called the Galaxy Mega 7.0. The device comes with a model number SM-T2558 and distinctly mid-range hardware in the form of a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 1.5 GB RAM, 8 MP camera with a 2 MP front shooter, 8 GB internal storage with a micro-SD card slot, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and the ability to connect to Chinese 3G (TD-SCDMA) and 4G (TD-LTE) networks. The device’s price as well as availability is unknown, but it is likely that this gargantuan smartphone will make its way to global markets.

What we are certain about is the availability of the Galaxy Tab 4 series in the US. Samsung announced that its low-cost tablets will be available in the US starting May 1. Initially, only Wi-Fi enabled versions of the tablets will be available. The 7-inch Galaxy Tab 4 version will cost $200, the 8.4-inch tablet $270 and the 10.1-inch variant will set users back $350.

Samsung has announced that LTE versions of the tablets will eventually be available in the country via carriers. AT&T has announced that it will carry LTE versions of all three tablets, while T-Mobile has mentioned that it will only be offering the 8-inch tablet in LTE. Sprint will similarly offer only the 7-inch model, while Verizon will carry the 7-inch and 8-inch versions of the Galaxy Tab 4.

Source: BestMobs, Samsung

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