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Samsung will roll out the 4TB 850 Pro next month


Samsung has already released a 4TB SSD earlier this year in the Evo 850 series for $1,499, and the manufacturer is now looking to introduce a 4TB variant in the 850 Pro series. The SSD will make its debut next month at CES. Notably, the high-storage 850 Pro drive will be the first 4TB 2-bit MLC SSD in the segment.

As the world’s first 2-bit MLC 4TB consumer SSD, the 850 PRO is ideal for dramatically boosting PC performance. With an industry leading 4TB capacity, users have more space than ever before to store files locally. In particular, high data consumption users such as content creators, gaming and PC enthusiasts can upgrade their workstations from a hard disk drive to the 850 PRO SSD 4TB to surpass density limitations, reduce power consumption, better support heavy write-intensive applications, and improve PC and program load times.

Given the Evo 850 4TB variant costs $1,499, it is reasonable to assume the 850 Pro version will be closer to the $2,000 mark. We’ll know more about what’s on offer with the card next month.

Harish Jonnalagadda
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