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Samsung Wave S8500 : What you can expect

Samsung Wave

The Samsung Wave (model: S8500) was announced at the Mobile World Congress in February this year, and the phone is scheduled to be available in Q2. We at VR-Zone have had the exclusive opportunity to hands-on the almost-final production version of the Samsung Wave to see how good it is.

The Samsung Wave touts to be the first phone based on Samsung’s Bada open platform that claims to provide users with rich, connected and innovative experiences. The smartphone is powered by 1GHz processor, and features 3.3-inch Super AMOLED display (480×800) for brilliant colors and sharpness.

We are fortunate to have a brief exclusive hands-on of the almost-final production model and hope to get an actual set for a more in-depth review when the phone is officially launched.

At the earlier Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where the Korean manufacturer announced the flagship phone, a Samsung executive was there to demo a pre-production unit which features only three home screens, although the phone boasts up to ten home screens.

Well, the almost-final model also shows a default of three home screens, but we managed to add up to ten home screens. Neat. On top of that, the phone also allows you to add widgets or shortcuts on the home screen you desire.

The default wallpaper included with the Samsung Wave is sized at 1200×800 pixel resolution while the screen supports 480×800. When we navigate through the home screens by flicking our fingers left or right across the display, we noticed the wallpaper moved little.

Naturally, one would wonder what if we use one panoramic image (4800×800) whereby the ten home screens are of equal width at 480×800 each. Does navigating from one home screen to the next means an exact one-tenth of the image? Apparently not. The navigation is still little instead of an entire one-tenth of the image, and the reason could be because each home screen still retains part of the image information of its neighbour.

Pressing the centre diamond button goes to the phone’s main menu. The main menu also offers a default of three pages (makes you wonder if the maker likes that magic number), but once you have installed more applications and icons filling the main menu, the phone will automatically add more pages. Among the various apps is the unique Social Hub application that allows you to login to your social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

The menu page navigation is horizontal-based, which is similar to the home screens, and is unlike some phones that are vertical-based.

Because the Samsung Wave uses Bada platform, you can expect more applications to be made available for the phone. Samsung has an app store as well, and according to the maker, we can expect at least 1,000 killer apps by end of this year.

Video playback looks great on the Samsung Wave, thanks to its fast processor. There was no noticeable lag and colours look really vibrant on its superb screen. On top of that, the phone’s battery life can last more than a day on normal usage.

The 5-megapixel camera with LED Flash offers features like Touch AF and Face Detection. It can also record video in high definition 720p (1280×720) quality.

Overall, we find the Samsung Wave a very sleek and lightweight smartphone with brilliant display. As the phone is entirely manufactured by Samsung from hardware to software, we expect the phone pricing to be more attractive than similar smartphones in the market. And yes, we expect to get one for a more in-depth review when it becomes available.

*Above pics from Mobile World Congress

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