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Samsung Wants You To Celebrate a Pink, White And Black Christmas With New MP3 Players

Everybody knows what a “white Christmas” is supposed to mean, but Samsung is apparently thinking that this year’s festive season and its accompanying public holiday ought to be celebrated with a little more color variety. And it plans to do so by introducing two new MP3 players in time for the festive season, which are available in more than just

In this particular day and era, one might occasionally wonder why the portable audio device known as MP3 players are still being sold in stores when the smartphone is already capable of doing that job, thanks to the convenience of convergence technology.

While it is true that the smartphone can do just about everything the MP3 player does, it does come with one very major flaw: battery life. And most people who make use of their mobile phones as portable audio players would have experienced not being able to make an important phone call or send out a critical text message, thanks to the phone’s built-in player draining out the battery at the most inconvenient moment. It may sound clichéd, but there is no denying that such happenings are common.

However, consumer demand has also reached a point where it is no longer enough to offer a portable audio player that does not provide a variety of secondary features or sport some eye-catching and futuristic design. Fortunately, those looking to pamper themselves with a new MP3 player this festive season (paid for with that year-end bonus) are in luck. Samsung has just announced two new “fun and colorful” MP3 players which the company claims are designed to “designed to match the lifestyles of today’s young and discerning consumers with a host of innovative technologies and features”.

Samsung YP-Q3

Those who prefer having their MP3 players fit snugly into their palm instead of the current ultra-tiny devices would probably appreciate the new Samsung YP-Q3, which is designed to somewhat resemble a mobile phone.

Specs-wise, the YP-Q3 packs some decent hardware under that shell: it sports a 2.2-inch TFT LCD screen
and features Samsung’s proprietary sound engine known as SoundAlive. Samsung claims that SoundAlive works by processing the audio signals in the device in order to deliver clearer music, along with better bass reproduction, depth of sound and tone articulation.

The Q3 is available in two colour schemes: white with pink trimmings and black with white trimmings. Of course, with only two such schemes available, it should be fairly obvious as to which design will members of either gender choose.

Samsung YP-U6

However, not everybody wants to own an MP3 player which resembles a mobile phone: there will always be those who prefer having their devices in the smallest and thinnest possible footprint. And this is where the YP-U6 comes in to fill that need.

According to Samsung, the YP-U6’s body is cast from aluminum, and features a slide-and-hide USB connector design which can be found on some thumbdrives today. In addition, the U6 comes bundled with features designed to aid users in their exercise regime (assuming they even have one), thus making it an ideal companion device for “fitness fanatics”.

Pricing and Availability

The YP-Q3 comes in Black and White and is available in 4GB and 8GB storage at a recommended retail price of $99 and $115 respectively. The YP-U6 comes in Black and Pink and is available in 2GB and 4GB storage at a recommended retail price of $71 and $89 respectively.

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