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Samsung to use MediaTek processors in its devices in 2014

Samsung’s partnership with MediaTek would allow it to push into developing markets.


Chinese daily DigiTimes stated earlier today that Samsung is looking to source processors from MediaTek that will be used in its devices launching in 2014.

MediaTek is well-known in countries like China and India, where its processors are used in 80 percent of the budget Android handsets that are currently on sale in these countries. Samsung has also actively tried to break into these markets by offering budget and mid-range devices, and in the case of devices like the Galaxy Grand and Galaxy S Duos, succeeded in outmatching the local offerings.

The main selling point behind the MediaTek processors is their affordability. Chinese website DigiTimes mentioned earlier today that Samsung is looking to utilize MediaTek quad-core MT6589 and octa-core MT6592 processors for budget and mid-range devices that will launch in the latter half of 2014. MediaTek uses the Cortex-A7 cores in the MT6589, which are efficient but cannot match the Cortex-A9 and the Cortex-A15 in terms of sheer grunt. That does not usually deter most manufacturers, as processors like the MT6589 allows vendors to sell quad-core handsets at very low prices.

If Samsung goes through on the deal, then the South Korean giant will become MediaTek’s largest customer.

Source: DigiTimes


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