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Samsung unveils world’s first zero-client monitor powered by UPOE technology

Would you like to own a monitor that is reportedly capable of powering itself over an Ethernet line? Well, it seems that such a monitor does exist, albeit only for use by enterprises and business, and it comes in the form of Samsung's new NC220 monitor, which is touted to be capable of playing a role in helping businesses to conserve energy and reduce cost and complexity.

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Monitors are power-guzzling devices which need their own dedicated connection to the power socket at all times, right? Well, not in Samsung's dictionary they aren't: apparently, the Korean electronics giant has taken power consumption on its monitors to a new low by unveiling its new NC220 monitors, which comes with built-in support for Cisco's Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE) technology which allows them to power themselves from nothing more than a single Ethernet cable. Wait, say what?

According to the official press release issued by Samsung, the new NC220 monitors, in addition to their capability to draw both power and data over a single Ethernet cable, will also feature the Korean electronics giant's proprietary LED BLU technology, which is reportedly capable of delivering "bright and clear pictures on an ultra-slim, eco-friendly design:. a feat which Samsung claims is capable of significantly lower energy consumption when compared with conventional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) monitors.

That being said, the biggest draw of the NC220 monitor is still the inclusion of support for Cisco's VPOE technology, which, unlike most conventional Power Over Ethernet solutions, allows devices to draw up to 60W of power over an Ethernet connection, as opposed to the 30W restriction which the latter suffers from. This suggests that Samsung's new monitor could have a power consumption rating which lies between 30W and 60W, although this really is speculation on our part. The press release also claims that the NC220's ability to draw both data and power from a single Ethernet cable allows businesses and enterprises to "leverage the power and speed of the company’s centralized server, while reducing energy costs and creating a more beautiful, less cluttered environment".

No information about pricing or availability has for the NC220 has been released at this point of time, so do check back for updates.

Source: Korea NewsWire

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