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Samsung unveils high-capacity SATA 3 SSD with 512GB of storage

Solid-state drives or SSDs are favoured by enthusiasts because of the massive boosts in data read/write performance they are capable of offering over their mechanical-based counterparts, but the biggest issue most people usually have with SSDs is that their maximum storage capacities are much more limitted than those of the conventional hard disk. That is about to change though, for Samsung has just announced the availability of its new high-capacitiy SATA3 SSD which boasts a maximum storage capacity of 512GB.


Samsung has announced the availability of its new high-capacity SATA 3 SSD which boasts a maximum storage capacity of 512GB. According to the Korean electronics giant, it has already commenced mass production of the new SSDs, and that the devices are expected to make their way into high-performance notebooks by the end of the year, although Samsung did not provide a more specific release schedule for the SSD.

That being said, Samsung did confirm (via a machine translation) that its new SSD will make use of Multi-Level Cell or MLC NAND flash technology, and will also sport its own dedicated controller. In addition, Samsung has also touted the new SSD as being capable of achieving read speeds of up to 500MB/s, while write speeds are a little slower at 350MB/s.

Samsung has not released any pricing details for the new SSD, although we'd wager that it would be fair to expect that users can expect to find themselves breaking both their wallets and bank books if they intend to get their hands on one of these on launch day.

Source: Samsung Korea

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