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Samsung to unveil the first Tizen-based handset at MWC 2014

Samsung’s Tizen device will be Intel powered and will run Tizen 3.0.


Samsung was originally scheduled to launch a Tizen-based device this year, but CEO JK Shin announced that an official unveil was pushed back to sometime in 2014.

It looks like the device will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2014 as Samsung and Intel sent out press invites for an event that it mentions will feature devices running Tizen.

Screenshots of Tizen 2.1 UI were leaked yesterday, and although they were later shown to be from an older version of Tizen, they show the design process Samsung is taking. If nothing else, Tizen’s UI is a far sight better-looking than the TouchWiz skin Samsung runs on its Android handsets. There are a few elements in the Tizen UI that hearken to TouchWiz, like the notification bar and elements like S-Beam and Driving Mode.

The Tizen Association made a lot of headway over the last month, and has added 36 new members to its ranks, in addition to releasing Tizen OS 3.0. Tizen 3.0 will feature a 64-bit architecture, and comes in different variations. Tizen Mobile Lite is designed for low-end devices, and requires a minimum of 256 MB RAM and 512 MB storage to function effectively. The full-blown version of Tizen 3.0 will require 512 MB RAM and 1 GB storage.

Samsung will be showcasing the new Tizen devices at MWC along with Intel, another major contributor to the Tizen Association. Tizen isn’t the only mobile OS that is looking to challenge the likes of Android. Mozilla has launched its bid with Firefox OS, and Ubuntu is said to have found a hardware manufacturer for its Ubuntu Touch platform.

Mobile World Congress is two months away, and there are already a lot of exciting launches we can look forward to. Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy Grand Lite, the Galaxy Note 3 Lite and maybe the Galaxy S5, although it is more likely that Samsung will have its own launch event for its next-gen Galaxy S handset.

Source: ITNews

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