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Samsung to mass produce flexible OLED display in 2013

Samsung is at it again and this time it is with a new type of OLED display that uses less energy.  But what makes this new display screen so different is that it will be the first mass-produced display that incorporates flexible OLEDs.

Samsung has really been ahead of their game when it comes to research and development, and now a Wall Street Journal report says, “Samsung is pushing ahead with plans to start mass production of displays using plastic rather than glass, a move that will make mobile devices unbreakable, lighter and bendable.”  Samsung choice of going with plastic rather than glass displays is a smart move, and opens up new product design possibilities.  According to the WS report, the new Samsung products with the displays should be available sometime in the next 6 months.

A benefit to going with plastic over glass with an OLED display is weight, which is a very important aspect to any mobile device.  Also, going with plastic enables Samsung to boost profits and lower manufacturing costs, thereby giving the company more money to invest in research and development.

It is important to note that flexible display technology is not unique to Samsung.  The actual technology involved in its production has come about over many years.  In fact, many large electronics makers such as LG, Sharp and Toshiba have all ready presented their own concept flexible displays at many consumer electronics shows.   SONY says they have been researching the development of flexible displays for nearly 10 years.  Nevertheless, the first company to successfully market such a technology will have, at least for a time, a real competitive edge in a highly competitive market, and that company appears to be Samsung. 

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