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Samsung to expand its Silicon Valley headquarters

California’s Silicon Valley area is always teeming with hopeful startups and boastful industry giants, and although Samsung already has a presence within the area the South Korean-based tech goliath is about to build itself another den amongst its kind.

Samsung will be moving its current SISA R&D headquarter in North San Jose to an 8.5-acre site that will be the base for two new 6-story class-A office buildings (totaling ~385,000 square ft.) and two 5-6 story parking structures.  Its semiconductor R&D center will also pack up and move to a different location, with the exception that the new campus will be a 1.1 million square ft. headquarter with an “amenity pavilion” for its employees.

Unlike its struggling competitors from Japan (Sharp, Sony and so on), Samsung has experienced tremendous growth in recent years due to an expanding mobile market.  Japanese firms like Sony, for a while, had many office buildings and campuses that made other firms envious, but in light of their struggles they have sold off many lots as well as cutting jobs to prevent the ships from sinking.

Samsung’s future campus and offices in the Silicon Valley area will undoubtedly bring about more jobs and opportunities for the locals as well as migrators, but one cannot help but to envision some sort of peak in Samsung’s future.  At which point in time, the only way for Samsung to go is down.  That’s a pessimistic way to look at Samsung’s growth, but in a more optimistic point of view; let’s hope Samsung continues to produce quality products to keep it at the top.


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