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Samsung tab with Intel Bay Trail inside is in the works, to run both Win 8 and Android?

Showcased at Computex in June for the first time, Intel’s record-breaking new Bay Trail chips are reportedly to get a second unveiling next month and should find their way inside commercial products by November.


Featuring four Silvermont cores with clock speeds of up to 2.1 GHz, the Bay Trail processors are to power only tablets and possibly some hybrid devices. That much is clear at this time, though no OEM has been confirmed as an official Intel partner for the using of Bay Trail yet.

But a first name has earlier today emerged in the rumor mill and it’s big. Probably the biggest, even if its tablet business is not doing as well as the smartphone sector. You guessed it, I’m talking about Samsung.

Based on import data discovered by the folks over at Sam Mobile, the mysterious Bay Trail-powered Sammy-made slate is in pretty advanced testing stages, meaning that rumored November ETA might be right on the money.


Unfortunately, we’re terribly slim on specifics about the tab, so much so that we basically only know: a. it’s coming, b. it packs a Bay Trail SoC, and c. it runs Windows 8. Win 8, but not necessarily only Win 8, as Intel’s new platform supports both Microsoft’s OS and Android.

A hybrid gadget dual-booting the two operating systems is thus definitely in the cards, probably marketed as a low-cost alternative to the recently unveiled ATIV Q. Meanwhile, don’t forget we’ve seen an Intel reference design packing Bay Trail heat benchmarked a number of times, setting record after record but most recently not looking as “fast and furious” anymore.

Via [Sam Mobile]

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