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Samsung suing Apple over Notification Center

Samsung has filed suit in South Korea over Apple’s version of the notification center found in Apple’s iOS.  The clarification center found in Apple’s iOS is seemingly identical to the one found in the Android operating system.

A report mentioned in the Korean on-line news site iNews24.com states that Samsung Electronics is angry over Apple’s notification center found in the Apple iOS.  The lawsuit, which was filed in the South Korean court, claims patent infringement on that application, but no other details on the lawsuit were mentioned.

Apple added the notification center on their line of iPhones in 2011 on the iOS 5.  However, this suit filed by Samsung against Apple could very well develop into a much bigger issue since the Android operating system notification center is a Google invention.  Furthermore, Google was awarded the patent on the notification center in November 2012, which lends to some theories that Samsung’s suit against Apple was waiting for the patent to go through with Google. 

In other news, Samsung recently received an official complaint from the European Commission on a misuse on their smartphone patents against Apple.  The Commission’s ‘Statement of Objection’ was sent to Samsung on Friday, December 21, 2012.  The EC’s opinion was that Samsung was not acting fairly in regards to their property rights claims against Apple.  The patent claims are in reference to the European Telecommunications’ Standardization Institute’s 3G UMTS, adopted European industry-Standard on all mobile phones.

If the European Commission determines that Samsung has violated patent law they have the power to impose a 10 percent fine of Samsung’s total annual profits, which would be a massive fine.  Samsung will be given the opportunity to reply to the Commission in writing and requesting a live hearing and state their case.

For some time now there has been a wave of lawsuits against Samsung from Apple over all manner of devices and ideas.  Many of the cases were thrown out, but a few have made history such as the 1.05 billion dollar settlement against Samsung settled by a California jury in August 2012.  Apple was claiming in the lawsuit filed in August 2011 that Samsung stole Apple’s ideas in their smartphones and was seeking 2.5 billion (U.S) dollars in damages.  The jury threw out a lot of the claims made by Apple, but did stick Samsung with the 1.05 billion dollar (U.S.) settlement in favor of Apple.  The settlement was the largest in history between two electronics makers.  Samsung immediately appealed the case.

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