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Samsung spills the beans on upcoming Galaxy Tab S Pro

We only have the name for the time being, but it’s enough to paint the Tab S Pro a pretty flattering picture.

Galaxy Tab S 10.5

It’s no secret Samsung plans to wow Mobile World Congress attendees in early March by outing the “next big thing”, i.e. the Galaxy S6. But the Koreans have made it a habit of introducing multiple products at once, so the million-dollar question is what else will MWC bring to light?

An S6 Edge, or S Edge? Most likely. An S6 mini as well? Probably not. How about a fresh smartwatch, the first in the Gear family to sport a circular display? It’s a strong possibility too, as is seeing new installments in the Galaxy Tab series.

One of these is apparently dubbed Tab S Pro, according to a Google Play update changelog of an app called Milk Music. This is actually a Samsung concoction, so we doubt the moniker came up by chance or mistake.

Tab S Pro name

Chances are the Android kings wanted the world to know about their slate schemes, perhaps to divert some of the attention away from the S6. Naturally, no additional info was provided regarding this “Tab S Pro”, however we can infer a number of things from its branding.

It’s clearly going to be big, both literally and figuratively, and it could follow in the footsteps of the Tab Pro 12.2 and Note Pro 12.2 with a 12-inch+ screen. An ultra-high-res Super AMOLED panel, of course, like the previous two members of the Tab S family.

Sounds mind-blowing enough? What if we were to tell you Exynos 7420 processing power could be on board? Now, that’s just a wild guess, but if it pans out, it’d probably shield Samsung from Apple’s oft-rumored and oft-delayed iPad Pro charge in the jumbo-sized scene.

Source: Sam Mobile

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