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Samsung & SKTelecom demo 5G technology with 7.5Gbps download speeds


Think your Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s LTE Cat.6 network support for maximum download speeds of up to 300Mbps is impressive? Samsung and SK Telecom will be demoing their ‘homegrown’ 5G technology at the Mobile World Congress next week that comes with support for maximum download speeds of a whopping 7.5Gbps.

Samsung and SK Telecom have been at the forefront of the latest technology in mobile networks and had recently announced the world’s first smartphone with LTE Cat.9 Tri-Band Carrier Aggregation in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE.

With the new 5G network standard, transmission will be done via millimeter wave signals. These signals allow much faster speeds the current frequencies used by cellular operators worldwide. It also allows for greater efficiency of the spectrum and helps reduce crowding in lower frequencies. However, the use of millimeter wave does pose a major problem. These signals need an unobstructed transmission path, which means if there are any objects like walls between the user and the cell tower. To get around this issue, Samsung and SK Telecom have come up with a new technique termed ‘3D beamforming’. This involves detecting the location of a smartphone and sending a narrow transmission beam towards it.

Samsung and SK Telecom believe that they will be able to roll out 5G services in South Korea by the year 2020.

Source: PC World



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