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Samsung showcases first mirror and transparent OLED panels


Samsung Display Co. Ltd. Today showcased the first Mirror and Transparent OLED panels at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Samsung’s exhibit also featured the ‘virtual necklace’ display for Chow Sang Sang Jewelry Company, described as the first retail use of advanced commercial OLED panels. With the new Samsung Display OLED panel technology, the company is helping make the consumer shopping experience more engaging with integrated Intel Real Sense Technology. Thanks to the integrated technology, interactive closet or ‘self-modeling’ wardrobe can be created to allow buyers to virtually see clothes or other items from a realistic and customized perspective.

Samsung is hoping it can replace home mirrors in the future with its Mirror OLED displays. In addition to working as a mirror, the panel will also be able to provide digital information services to consumers. The Mirror OLED panel from Samsung boasts of more than 75 percent reflectance level and delivers 50 percent higher reflectance compared to rival Mirror LCD panels. Apart from improved reflectance, these panels also boast of over 100% NTSC color gamut coverage and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1.

Source: BusinessWire

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